Don't Let York Region Break the Greenbelt

York Region's new Official Plan designates properties within the Greenbelt for development!

Luckily, it can't move forward unless the Minister of Municipalities and Housing either weakens the laws that protect the Greenbelt or replaces the land removed by adding other land to the Greenbelt. Both options are bad and the Minister should send the plan back to York Region for changes.

Removing protected land from the Greenbelt - even if it is replaced with an equal amount of land elsewhere - creates a dangerous precedent that will weaken the Greenbelt as a whole. If Greenbelt protection is not permanent and farmland is seen as open for development, then land speculators will buy up other plots of land, potentially making the entire Greenbelt unaffordable for farmers and farming.
Allowing development within the Greenbelt also weakens its ability to provide habitat, because many species require uninterrupted natural areas. A protected area that is riddled with warehouses and residential developments that must be connected to urban areas with pipes and roads and other infrastructure is not a protected area at all!
Luckily, Minister Clark and Premier Ford have repeatedly stated that they have no plans to allow development within the Greenbelt.  Please sign this letter reminding them of that promise. 
Tell the Minister of Municipalities and Housing and your MPP to keep their promise to protect the Greenbelt!

Your letter will be sent to the Minister of Municipalities and Housing, Steve Clark, and your local MPP.


Environmental Defence is a leading Canadian environmental advocacy organization that works with government, industry and individuals to defend clean water, a safe climate and healthy communities.


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