Canada has committed to ending plastic waste by 2030—an ambitious goal that will require actions to address the full life cycle of plastic. Federal regulations to ban six harmful single-use plastics will start coming into effect by the end of 2022. The bans are a good start but they’re not enough to tackle the plastic waste problem across Canada. 
Canada needs a comprehensive plan to get to the promised zero plastic waste by 2030. That means we’ll need to phase out plastics that aren’t being reused and recycled.

The federal government must urgently:
  • Expand the bans to include more harmful single-use plastics
  • Require reusable packaging and make it affordable and widely available
  • Eliminate toxic plastic additives that pose a risk to our health and make recycling unsafe
  • Reject false solutions that are polluting and energy-intensive, including the burning of plastic waste as fuel, which only serves to keep the plastic tap flowing.
It’s clear that we can’t rely on voluntary action by companies or recycling to save us from the plastic pollution crisis. If these types of measures worked, we wouldn't be in this mess. We need strong, standardized rules across Canada to ensure the reduction and reuse of packaging and products so we stop generating plastic waste to begin with. The federal government must move quickly to add to its toolbox and stand up to increased pressure from Big Plastic to stop action on plastic pollution.

Tell the federal government and your MP to step up their commitment to achieving zero plastic waste and pollution by 2030. 


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