Stop the Corruption!

Premier Ford told an 8 billion dollar lie. 

He told Ontarians that he would never touch the Greenbelt, but then opened it up anyway as a gift to his developer friends.  Now thousands of acres of protected farms, forests and wetlands - including the precious Duffins Rouge Agricultural Preserve which helps to protect Rouge National Urban Park - are under threat. 

Any effort to restore public trust in the provincial government must begin with reversing the Greenbelt removals.

The Greenbelt removals are just one point on a long list of dubious policy decisions that seem designed to benefit sprawl developers and land speculators. Bill 23, and associated policy changes, will create a process for selling off conservation lands without oversight, stripping conservation authority powers that protect us from floods and removing protections from woodlands, wetlands and wildlife habitat. The new Provincial Policy Statement will remove requirements to build housing within existing cities before sprawling onto forests and farmland.

Together, these changes will create less affordable housing – not more – as well-connected developers redirect workers, infrastructure and planning staff in a race to build million-dollar McMansions on wetlands and farmland – far from existing transit and infrastructure.  

Tell Premier Ford and your Member of Provincial Parliament to reverse the Greenbelt removals and rollback their other pro-sprawl policies.

Your letter will be sent to Premier Ford, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing and your local MPP. 



Environmental Defence is a leading Canadian environmental advocacy organization that works with government, industry and individuals to defend clean water, a safe climate and healthy communities.


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