Mr. Sprawl is a cartoon character, but the problems he represents are very real and dangerous. This is a now-or-never moment, and you have the power to stop expensive and destructive sprawl by writing to the provincial government. 

We proved the power of our collective voice when we saved the Greenbelt, but Mr. Sprawl's shadow still looms large over Ontario. He and his provincial government allies are relentless in their quest to turn our precious lands into profit centers, threatening our environment and our communities.

Send your Letter to Stop Mr. Sprawl's Destructive Agenda:

  • Weakening Protections: Eroding the authority of Conservation Authorities, leaving our floodplains and wetlands vulnerable.
  • Sprawl MZOs: Fast-tracking developments that favor sprawl over sustainable growth.
  • Undermining Regional Planning: Dismantling established land-use plans, lowering density requirements and promoting inefficient, sprawling development.
  • Highway 413: A costly and unnecessary project that serves Mr Sprawl's interests, not the public's.
  • Growth Plan Repeal: A strategy to accelerate sprawl in the Greater Golden Horseshoe, disregarding the needs of people and nature.

Your Voice is Powerful! Mr. Sprawl's influence is vast, but our collective action is mightier.

Tell your MPP and Minister Calandra that it's time to prioritize people, our environment, and sustainable development over the whims of real estate speculators. Your letter, based on your postal code, will directly reach the officials who have the power to halt Mr. Sprawl's destructive plans. Together, we can ensure that Ontario's future is defined by green spaces, vibrant communities and responsible growth, not by the concrete labyrinth of Mr Sprawl's dreams.


Environmental Defence is a leading Canadian environmental advocacy organization that works with government, industry and individuals to defend clean water, a safe climate and healthy communities.


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