Save Alberta's Clean Energy Future!

Behind closed doors, there’s a political game being played with our clean energy future - and it's Albertans who will pay a hefty price. 

Earlier this year, the Alberta government announced heavy restrictions that will stunt the growth of clean energy in this province. But it's a decision that will cost us thousands of jobs and billions in investment, all while increasing the cost of living. 

A recent investigation found that political pressure and misinformation are to blame. A top public official from Alberta's electricity operator was pressured by the provincial government to say they supported the pause on renewable energy, even though they opposed it. Then the government made false claims that various groups, including the electricity operator, supported the call for the pause. Now, our transition to clean energy is being compromised. 

Help save Alberta’s clean energy future! Tell the government you do not support restrictions on clean energy that create: 

  • Unfair ‘Off limits:’ restrictions on where clean energy projects can be located will create massive ‘no-go’ zones, affecting 57 existing projects worth $11 billion to the Alberta economy, even though oil and gas development is allowed. 
  • Economic uncertainty: During the 7-month moratorium Alberta lost over $30 billion in investment and more than 24,000 construction jobs.  Ongoing uncertainty is now having an impact on future investment and jobs. 
  • Affordability risk: Slowing the transition to clean energy will increase the costs of living for Albertans, as wind & solar energy are the least expensive sources of new electricity generation. 
  • Affecting individual rights: Farmers & homeowners who had the advantage of generating additional income from solar & wind power on their private property, now face obstacles. 

It’s time to put our jobs, economy and our climate-safe future ahead of political ideology. We know that Alberta could be a new energy leader by paving the way forward in Canada on the development of wind, solar, and geothermal power. We could do it in a way that creates jobs and builds prosperity for all Albertans in a climate-safe future. 

Tell your MLA to save Alberta's clean energy future!

Your message will be sent to your MLA, Premier Danielle Smith; Minister of Affordability and Utilities, Hon. Nathan Neudorf; and NDP leader, Hon. Rachel Notley.


Environmental Defence is a leading Canadian environmental advocacy organization that works with government, industry and individuals to defend clean water, a safe climate and healthy communities.


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