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Tell the Canadian government to stop giving government money to fossil fuel companies

The Canadian government already gives billions of dollars in handouts to oil and gas companies. Now it is spending $4.5 billion of public money to buy the risky Kinder Morgan tar sands pipeline.

Fossil fuel subsidies undermine action on climate change, increase carbon emissions, and allocate limited government funds to polluters instead of public goods like education, health care and clean drinking water. The Kinder Morgan bailout is a particularly reckless use of public money, prioritizing tar sands expansion and tanker spills over Indigenous rights and climate action.

The federal government has committed to getting rid of fossil fuel subsidies by 2025, but the timeline is extremely long and the Kinder Morgan bailout is a giant step backwards. We need to accelerate the phase-out of these subsidies, not finance tar sands pipelines.



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The Honourable
Minister of Environment and Climate Change
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