Ontario’s Greenbelt protects farmland, forests, wetlands and rivers. It filters our air, cleans our water, and provides us with fresh local food. It’s where we hike, bike and explore with our families. Together, we can protect all that the Greenbelt offers us for generations to come. Take the Greenbelt pledge today!

I pledge to:

  • Purchase locally grown produce.
  • Drink local wines, beers and fruit juices.
  • Enjoy the Greenbelt’s trails and conservation areas.
  • Get informed about local issues and vote in the upcoming municipal elections.

Where to start?

From cycling to solar, here are just a few of the many ways your next choice can contribute to a cleaner future for everyone.

Choose cycling

Avoid traffic and reduce pollution by getting behind the handlebars of a bike. Get to where you need to go at your own speed. Choose to pedal to a cleaner future now.

Choose an electric car

More affordable than ever, today's electric cars go the distance, require less maintenance and release no tailpipe emissions. Make your next car an electric car. Find out more.

Choose Energy efficiency

From insulating your home to upgrading your furnace, eco-friendly reno choices reduce your energy bills and reduce pollution. Love your home and the earth. Sign up to learn more.

Choose a home energy audit

Not sure where to begin to make your home energy efficient? Start with a home energy audit. Find out where your biggest energy drains are and how you can create change. Get started today. Sign up to find out how.

Choose solar

The cheapest and cleanest energy source in the world, solar will power the cities of tomorrow. You can power your home with it today. Fight climate change now. Sign up for more information.

For more than 30 years, Environmental Defence Canada has inspired change in government, business and people to ensure a greener, healthier and prosperous life for all.

Let's work together to strengthen and grow the Greenbelt. Show your support today!