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Ontario has committed to a new climate change plan. Let’s make sure it’s an effective one!

This summer’s forest fires, flooding and heat waves show the urgency of fighting climate change. The provincial government is planning to replace Ontario’s existing plan to fight climate change with a new plan, including new carbon pollution reduction targets.

To ensure Ontario continues to make meaningful progress on climate change, the province must:

● Support Ontario’s current science-based pollution reduction targets. Those targets set the province on track to be nearly carbon neutral by mid-century, which is required if we hope to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees, as agreed to by 195 countries in Paris.

● Develop an effective, made-in-Ontario plan that includes targeted action to tackle carbon pollution from transportation, industry, buildings, and waste.

● Develop a plan that includes adequate funding for the implementation of pollution reduction programs and is fully transparent on how the funding is spent.

Act today and add your name to thousands of other Ontarians demanding the provincial government develop an effective and comprehensive climate plan.

This letter will also be sent to:
Your local Member of Provincal Parliament (MPP)
Andrea Horvath leader of the Official Opposition and the New Democratic Party of Ontario
Mike Schreiner, leader of the Green Party of Ontario
John Fraser, lnterim leader of the Liberal Party of Ontario





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