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It's time for Alberta's oil & gas companies to clean up their mess!

Alberta’s oil and gas industry has created a $260 billion mess, but has only put aside $1.6 billion to clean it up. The rules that hold companies accountable are broken. Alberta needs strong rules and regulations in place to ensure that companies are held responsible for the mess they make.

If these rules don’t change soon, who do you think is going to get stuck cleaning up this environmental mess? Right now, Albertan taxpayer money is being used to clean up some of the almost 3,000 wells that have already been abandoned across the province.

Tell the Premier and the Minister of Energy that enough is enough. Alberta must require the oil & gas industry sets aside funds to start cleaning up the mess they have made – which is estimated to take 300 years to fully clean up. The province must change the rules that give companies decades to clean up their mess, often with unscientific and untested methods.

Act today and add your name to thousands of others demanding Alberta ensure that oil & gas companies are held accountable for the mess they make. 

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