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Take Action: Protect our freshwater from road salt contamination

Over-salting parking lots and sidewalks does more than ruin your shoes, rust your car, and hurt your pup’s paws. Excess road salt washes into our lakes and rivers, putting freshwater species and ecosystems in danger.

Recent studies have found salt concentrations in some GTA rivers and creeks to be as high as sea water. Salt levels that high are lethal for many freshwater species. What’s to blame? Excessive road and sidewalk salting

It’s time to Stop the As-salt on our waterways.

Applying huge piles of salt to our parking lots and public spaces is wasteful and unnecessary, harmful to the environment, and damaging to infrastructure. It takes less than a cup of salt to melt ice from a metre of pavement! When it comes to road salt, less is more.

Action is needed to keep damaging road salt out of our waterways.

Sign the petition and tell Ontario to Stop the As-salt on our freshwater.

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CC: Minister of Environment, Conservation and Parks Hon. Rod Phillips




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