We have a chance to fix Canada’s broken environmental laws


Right now, we have a critical opportunity to fix Canada’s broken environmental laws that put our health, drinking water and climate at risk and led to gridlock in the review of energy and industrial projects.


But the oil and gas industry is trying to block Bill C-69 from becoming law. They want the government to rubberstamp projects that could pollute our air and water, harm fragile ecosystems and endangered animals, and put our climate commitments out of reach.


Bill C-69 is balanced legislation that restores important protections for human health and the environment, while ensuring good, job-creating projects get built. After more than two years of analysis and consultation, including with industry and Canadians from coast to coast, Bill C-69 passed the House of Commons in June.


Tell the Senate that weak environmental laws and a rubberstamp review process doesn’t serve the environment or the economy. We need to make sure that Bill C-69 passes the Senate and becomes law.


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