Climate change is a critical issue that threatens the health and well-being of our loved ones.

Since taking power, Ontario's new government has cancelled the majority of existing programs to cut carbon pollution. The budget for climate action has shrunk from over $1 billion per year - funded entirely from a polluter pays system - to $400 million over 4 years, funded from general government tax revenues.

Instead of sufficiently funding climate action, the government is wasting over $30 million of our tax dollars going to court to try and stop the federal government’s efforts to fight climate change. And we just found out they’re using millions more of our dollars to launch an ad campaign against climate action. This fight is moving Ontario backwards and pulling resources away from real climate solutions.  

Tell the Ontario government to stop wasting our tax dollars trying to block climate action and instead fund programs to reduce carbon pollution and protect the environment.

The primary recipient of your letter is your local MPP 

The letter will also be sent to Minister Yurek.




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