Protect Ontario's land and water from plastic pollution


The Ontario government recently released a discussion paper on reducing litter and waste across the province and has launched a public consultation to hear ideas on how to tackle all the waste piling up around us. This is an opportunity to have your voice heard.

Ontario is the biggest plastic polluter in Canada.

If the province is serious about reducing waste it must  put a price on plastic pollution by introducing a deposit on plastic bottles. This could help stop 1.5 billion plastic bottles from entering our environment, waterways and landfills each year. Hard-to-recycle and non-recyclable single-use plastics like polystyrene (Styrofoam) takeout containers, plastic cutlery, plastic bags and black plastic, should be banned. We need ambitious recycling targets to ensure 100 per cent of single-use plastics are captured and at least 85 per cent are recycled. And, laws need to be introduced that hold producers responsible for the waste they create. 

Our environment and waterways are drowning in plastic pollution. We can’t rely on businesses to voluntarily "do the right thing" and we can't pass the responsibility to clean up this plastic mess to residents and municipalities.

It’s time for the province to lead the way.

Minister Phillips, end plastic pollution and keep Ontario healthy and beautiful.

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