Tell Canada you want a plastic-free environment​


Less than 11 per cent of plastics are recycled in Canada. The rest end up in our landfills, lakes, parks and oceans, destroying ecosystems and leaching toxic chemicals.

We can’t rely on businesses to voluntarily “do the right thing" so long as making new plastic from fossil resources is cheap, the cost of collecting and recycling plastic is high, and dumping plastic into the environment is “free”. We need strong, standardized rules from coast-to-coast-to-coast.

Canada needs a federal plastics strategy that gets us to a plastic-free environment by 2025

Tell Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and Minister Catherine McKenna that you want Canada to:

  1. Ban all plastics that can’t be recycled, or contain toxic chemicals;
  2. Make producers (like Coca-Cola, Nestlé, and McDonald's) collect and recycle all of the single-use plastics they put on the market;
  3. Stop companies from using virgin fossil resources to make single-use plastic.




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