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Premier Doug Ford: Restore funding for flood prevention


Ontario is suffering stronger and more frequent flood events as a result of climate change. And as people frantically stack sandbags in hopes of saving their homes, the Ontario government has slashed flood prevention funding in half.

In April, the Ontario government cut 50 per cent of the funding for Conservation Authority programs that warn people about flooding and protect property from costly damages. This decision was made despite the government’s own projections that flood risks in Ontario will escalate over time as climate change causes more intense rainfall leading to the swelling of rivers and lakes. Conservation Authorities, now more than ever, need healthy and stable provincial investment to protect us from floods.

Tell Premier Doug Ford to restore funding, and respect the Conservation Authority's role in flood prevention.

They're the only agencies with the on the ground watershed knowledge and expertise to plan for floods and protect our communities. This cut to funding is irresponsible, short sighted, and will leave Ontario’s citizens ill-equipped to manage climate change impacts.

The primary recipient of your letter is Premier Doug Ford. 

The letter will also be sent to the Honourable Jeff Yurek, Minister of the Environment, Parks and Conservation, and your local MPP.




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