Tell our Governments to Protect the Great Lakes


Right now the federal and Ontario governments are hammering out an agreement on the future of our Great Lakes. The Great Lakes are facing serious threats from algae blooms, plastic pollution, and climate change. They need strong protections and investment now more than ever. But the governments’ draft plan falls short, leaving the Great Lakes vulnerable.

Have your say and tell the governments to protect the Great Lakes.

We have an opportunity to give our feedback on their plan to protect and restore the Great Lakes. It needs to be accountable, well-funded, and ambitious in its goals. Instead, the current plan lacks ambitious targets, and adequate funding to protect the Great Lakes from the threats they face.

Action is needed to make sure the future of the Great Lakes is a healthy one.

Send a letter to our governments and tell them their plan for the Great Lakes must be improved.

Your message will be sent to:
The Provincial Great Lakes Office
The Great Lakes National Program Office 
Minister of Environment, Conservation and Parks Hon. Jeff Yurek
Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Hon. Catherine McKenna




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Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks
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Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks
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