We can't believe we have to say this, but Highway 413 is back.


The GTA West Corridor (aka Highway 413) was cancelled back in early 2018 thanks to the collective effort of thousands of concerned Ontarians. But now, despite the overwhelming public opposition and a government-appointed expert panel that said it was a bad idea, the current Ontario government plans to re-start the project as if it was never cancelled. We need to stop this unnecessary highway and the permanent environmental damage it will cause.

Highway 413 will pave over prime farmland, the best remaining forest lands in Vaughan and part of the Greenbelt including the Humber River headwaters and Credit River watershed, all while doing next to nothing to improve commute times in the region. For an estimated cost of over $4 billion, the highway would only improve commute times by less than a minute per trip!

Back in 2018, the government-appointed  panel concluded that GTA-West Highway is not the best solution for the region’s transportation needs. It also outlined a list of other  options that would address southern Ontario’s transport issues at a fraction of the environmental and economic costs. 

We can do this together, just like we did before. Tell Ontario to stop Highway 413.


Your message will be sent to your local MPP and CC'd to Premier Doug Ford and Minister of Transportation Caroline Mulroney





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