Tell your MPP to say no to the new giant Hamilton pipeline, and keep American fracked gas out of our natural areas!


Enbridge Gas is proposing to build a large gas pipeline through the ecologically important Beverley swamp that protects the headwaters of three rivers around Hamilton. If built, this project will:

  • Create the capacity to increase carbon pollution from Ontario’s gas-fired power plants by 400%;

  • Help transport American fracked gas through Ontario and back to eastern states by going around states like New York which are refusing to allow new pipelines;

  • Raise rates for Canadian gas consumers by $120 million to subsidize the transport of American fracked gas;

  • Risk the health of a provincially significant wetland, the three watersheds connected to it, and the thousands of Ontarians who rely on them for drinking water. 

Enbridge says the pipeline is important for meeting our future energy needs, but we know there are better solutions. By investing in energy efficiency, supporting solar on our homes and importing renewable electricity from Quebec, we can lower our electricity and gas bills, and reduce carbon pollution.

Tell your MPP that we don’t want to subsidize American fracked gas while polluting our air and water. Say no to the Enbridge Gas Hamilton pipeline.

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