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Don’t let Canada’s largest coal mine expand without an environmental assessment! 

Canada’s largest thermal coal mine, the Vista mine, is about to get even bigger - without having to undergo a federal environmental assessment. This is a huge oversight, as Coalspur, the mine’s owner, is planning to grow its annual coal production to a whopping 20 million tonnes. 

Producing coal for electricity is bad enough- but allowing for an expansion of an existing mine without an environmental assessment is unacceptable. The Canadian government knows how devastating thermal coal is to human health and the climate - that’s why they’re phasing it out here at home. It’s responsible for over 800,000 premature deaths a year and is the source of nearly half of the world’s carbon emissions. If we aren’t okay with burning thermal coal in Canada, we shouldn’t feed coal consumption overseas.

That’s why we need to make sure that this expansion doesn’t get a go-ahead without an environmental assessment. Urge Minister Wilkinson, Minister of Environment and Climate Change, to order an assessment of the Vista coal mine expansion - it’s our best hope of having the expansion rejected, keeping companies like Coalspur in check, and reminding our leaders of Canada’s commitment to “power past coal.”

Tell Minister Wilkinson to order an environmental assessment for the Vista coal mine expansion!


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