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Premier Ford: Don’t increase the use of polluting gas plants in Ontario!

Ontario has some big decisions to make about the future of its electricity system. Premier Ford and his government have promised to slash electricity prices while also cutting carbon emissions - but their plan to burn more natural gas to generate electricity will almost triple carbon pollution from the province’s electricity system by 2030.

This plan can’t become a reality. Ontario has so many better options to keep its grid low carbon and keep costs down. Instead of burning more natural gas, we can shift to a combination of low-cost renewables, energy efficiency, energy storage, and other clean solutions.

The stakes are high, because the energy pathway we take could mean the difference between Ontario meeting its climate change targets, or blowing past them.

Tell Premier Ford to halt plans to increase the use of natural gas power, and demand cleaner options for electricity!

Your letter will be sent to: Hon. Doug Ford, Conservative Party Leader, Hon. Greg Rickford, Minister of Energy, Northern Development and Mines, Hon. Andrea Horwath, New Democratic Party Leader, Hon. Mike Schreiner, Green Party Leader, Hon. Andrea Horwath, New Democratic Party Leader & Your Local MPP


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