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Say no to Bill 197: Ontario’s latest attempt to silence experts and the public!

The Ontario government is trying to quickly and quietly pass Omnibus Bill 197, without legislative or public hearings so the consequences can’t be discussed and debated.

Buried within the Omnibus Bill are changes to the Environmental Assessment Act which will bar experts from assessing the environmental impacts of many public infrastructure projects, and keep communities in the dark about what’s happening in their own backyards. This is a move that hugely compromises impartial, evidence-based decision making and could lead to long-term environmental damage when these projects are built.

Ontario claims that such amendments are needed to fast track the public infrastructure projects that will help the province’s economy recover from the COVID-19 health crisis - but we’re crying foul. While Ontario is removing environmental protections, governments around the world are choosing a cleaner and just green economic recovery that creates jobs in renewable energy, natural infrastructure, building retrofits, habitat creation and restoration.

Say no to Bill 197 and speak up for a sustainable, long-term economic recovery instead!

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