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Save Ontario’s Deposit Return Program for Beer, Wine and Liquor Containers

Ontario’s most successful recycling program is at risk.

The Province is considering allowing producers of alcoholic beverages to opt-out of the existing deposit return program (DRP) and instead collect their materials through the Blue Box. This is a massive misstep.

Ontario’s Blue Box recycling program might be world renowned, but it’s our DRP for alcoholic beverage containers that we should be proud of. The DRP for alcoholic beverage containers regularly achieves recycling rates that are double the Blue Box for similar materials. It also enables beverage container reuse. Last year, 97 per cent of all refillable beer bottles sold in the province were returned. And those bottles were reused an average of 15 times before being recycled!

Instead of eroding the current DRP, Ontario should consider policies that would push producers of non-alcoholic drinks to implement deposit programs too. We need more DRPs, not less.


Tell Premier Ford and Minister Yurek to save Ontario’s deposit return program for beer, wine and liquor containers.


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