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This Plastic Free July, stand up to Big Plastic’s trashy tactics -- tell the federal government you support its action plan on plastics! 
On May 12, the federal government listed plastic as “toxic” under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA). This listing is a crucial first step in Canada’s fight against plastic pollution. It allows the federal government to better manage the production, use and disposal of plastic. 
But now members of the plastics and petrochemical industry, like Dow, Imperial Oil, and NOVA Chemicals, are suing the federal government in an attempt to stop Canada from tackling the plastic pollution crisis. 
They pretend the decision to address plastic pollution through federal law is not backed by science. They insist single-use plastics are not toxic to our health or the environment. This is ridiculous. 
The thing Big Plastic is concerned about the most is its bottom line. The success of the plastics and petrochemical industry rides on the ability to increase plastic production without any restrictions. But the government’s science assessment is clear; plastic is harmful to the environment and our health. 
Industry will continue to pretend that plastic isn’t creating an environmental crisis but we can’t and we won’t. 

Take action today and urge the federal government to defend its action on plastic and move forward with regulations to end Canada’s plastic pollution problem.

Your letter will be sent to: Hon.Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of the Environment and Climate Change
A copy of your letter will be sent to the Big Plastic executives and the Responsible Plastic Use Coalition who are behind the lawsuit against the federal government 


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The Honourable
Minister of Environment and Climate Change