The re-elected Ontario government plans to spend $8-10 billion dollars of public money on a new megahighway between Milton and Vaughan, which experts say would save commuters less than a minute of driving on average across the region. 

Building Highway 413 would increase harmful air pollution, destroy vital farmland, and create up to 17 million tonnes of carbon emissions by 2050 - the year that Canada is supposed to reach net-zero emissions. Many local councils along the route have opposed this destructive highway and declared a climate emergency, but the province is still planning on going ahead - against the wishes of local communities who want a strong and healthy future. Recent polling by Ekos research also shows that only 29% of nearby residents support the highway.

The GTA needs transportation solutions, but building more roads does not solve congestion. Instead of spending $8-10 Billion dollars on another traffic jam, the Ontario government should be investing in low-carbon public transit, walkable communities, and climate change solutions.

The project is required to pass an Environmental Impact Assessment at the Federal level and will need further approvals and planning before any work begins. The Provincial government can save time, money, rivers, and farmland by canceling the project immediately.

Tell Ontario to CANCEL Highway 413, and invest in our future instead.

Your letter will be sent to Ontario Transportation Minister Caroline Mulroney, Environment Minister David Piccini, and your local MPP.


Environmental Defence is a leading Canadian environmental advocacy organization that works with government, industry and individuals to defend clean water, a safe climate and healthy communities.


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